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We have the following sections in addition to the site content.

Why is a password required to view my account information?
Your account contains sensitive information. As a security measure, a Password is required to access the account information.

What is to be done if I've forgotten my password?
If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Forgot your password" link on the login page and then answer the secret question that you had selected at the time of registration, if the question is answered correctly, an email will be sent to you with the new password. In case you do not remember the answer to the secret question then email your Membership Number number to customersupport@ushopweship.com. UShopWEship will then send you an email asking you some questions for verification purposes. Once the user is verified the password will be reset and you will be sent an email with the new password. You may then use this password to access your account.

Email Address
Why do I have to provide an email address or mobile phone number at the time of registering?
UShopWEship uses the internet and SMS as a form of communication with its customers. Therefore, by providing us with your email address and mobile phone number, you can be sure to receive periodical updates regarding your account, new services or special shopping offers. Please be assured that UShopWEship will not provide your email address or mobile phone number to third parties and/or mailing lists.

What happens if I don't have an email address?
If a subscriber does not have an email address he/she will not be able to use the UShopWEship services as the account activation link is sent to the email address that is entered at the time of registration.

What if I want to change my email address or any other information contained in my profile?
You can edit your account info by clicking on the"Edit your account info" icon which is placed on the left tab of your main page after you login to your account.

Customs Duties
Who pays customs duties?
Customs duties are payable by the consignee.

How much are customs duties?
Duties vary according to the value and nature of the item imported.

When and how can I pay these charges?
When the contents of your mailbox arrive at your desired destination, you will be notified of the customs duties payable. On receiving your acceptance to clear the contents, you can either pay the customs duty online or pay at the time of delivery.

What if the Customs Duties are higher than the cost of the item and I wish to abandon the item?
We only ship the items you have purchased and cannot determine the Custom Duties so you will still have to pay the Duties levied by customs. An item can be abandoned in some countries where the customs officials will seize the item and later destroy it or auction it. In most countries the item has to be either returned to origin or the duties are directly billed to the clearing agent’s account. In such cases you are to pay all costs and charges incurred for the release and return of the items(s).

Value of shipments
Is there a limit on the individual value of a shipment?
UShopWEship does not restrict users to a limit on the value of an individual shipment. All shipments valued in excess of U$D 2,500/- should be accompanied with an export declaration form supplied by the vendor.

Is there a weight restriction on the items receivable?
There is no restriction on the weight per shipment.

How is dimensional / volumetric weight calculated?
Length X Width X Height in cms DIVIDED by 5000 will indicate the weight in Kg. Multiply by 2.205 to obtain weight in lbs. UShopWEship has a "Volumetric weight calculator" on its main page located on the left bottom corner for such calculations. Just enter the relevant dimensions and the weight will be calculated.

What is the chargeable weight of a shipment?
The chargeable weight of the shipment will be the higher of the volumetric weight or the gross weight.

Restricted Items
Which items are prohibited / restricted?
Refer to the "Prohibited & Restricted Item list" for further information. Please note that the list contains information of standard prohibited items not acceptable for transport under any circumstances. In addition to the above, every country has its own list of prohibited items. if you wish to check if an item is acceptable and can be shipped to your selected destination, kindly send an email to customersupport@ushopweship.com with the full description of the item that you wish to ship.

Cost of the Service & Payments
How much does membership to the UShopWEship service cost?
The membership fee is a one time, non-refundable amount of U$D 25 only.

How do I pay at the time of subscribing?
You can pay online using your credit card or you may send an email to "customersupport@ushopweship.com" and we will send someone to collect your fees.

When and how do I pay for the shipping charges?
Shipping charges can be paid online, prior to the movement of the shipment. A Special Discount is offered for such pre-payments. Shipping charges may also be paid at the time of delivery.

Payments on my Credit Card were not accepted. What is the problem? Do you have a solution?
Some on-line vendors do not accept credit cards issued outside their country of operations. UShopWEship facilitates the purchase of pre-paid credit cards, relative to the country of your mailbox facility. The card may then be used to buy products online as well as to pay the shipping charges.

Shipping, Charges & Frequency
How are shipping charges calculated?
Shipping charges are calculated based on the Chargeable weight, the Mode of Shipping and the destination country.

Is there a benefit in ordering several items at one time?
Special shipping discount is offered for heavy weight shipments.

Can I opt for a weekly shipping day other than the prescribed day?
We only offer immediate shipping that is charged extra otherwise we have weekly, bi-monthly and monthly shipping schedules.

Can I change the frequency of shipping at short notice?
The shipping date maybe changed at least 48 hours prior to dispatch date.

What is the Transit time for my packages?
package(s) will be shipped as per your selected shipping frequency. Refer to the "Transit Time list" for further information.

Who do I contact incase of delays?
If you have been notified of the arrival of items at your mailbox, you can contact customer service at "customersupport@ushopweship.com". If the item has not arrived at your mailbox, then you should contact the vendor.

What are the common reasons for delays in shipping my items or receiving my items?
  • Lack of documentation from the vendor (if value exceeds U$D 2500 per individual piece, the vendor should provide an Export Declaration Letter.) UShopWEship will notify customers in such cases.
  • Customs Clearance procedure can adversely effect the transit times.
  • Item(s) is restricted / prohibited.
  • Merchandise or mail was received with no corresponding invoice or with an incorrect address, no Membership Number or no client name.

In case the vendor has sent an incorrect item, does UShopWEship offer a special discounted price to return such items?
Regrettably UShopWEship doesn't offer special discounted rates for Return to Sender shipments.

What if I want to expedite the shipping of an item I purchased?
Upon arrival of your purchased item in your mailbox you will have the option of selecting the "SHIPNOW" option that will trigger your item to be shipped within two working days at an additional charge.

How do I track the contents of my mailbox?
You are always welcome to login in to your mailbox and track shipments that have been shipped using the relevant tracking number.

What do I do if the item I ordered has not been delivered to my mailbox?
You should contact the vendor. UShopWEship will only be able to communicate on shipments received at the UShopWEship control centre.

What is the amount payable by UShopWEship if an item is lost of
Maximum liability amount payable is U$D 30/-

Does UShopWEship provide an insurance facility?
There is optional insurance that you may request by sending an email to "customersupport@ushopweship.com"

Who do I contact incase of damaged or short received / missing items?
You need to contact the vendor if the item has not reached your mailbox. However once you are provided with an UShopWEship tracking number, you can send in your queries to "customersupport@ushopweship.com". It is recommended that you check the contents being delivered prior to acknowledging delivery of the items.

Mailbox Usage
Who can use my mailbox?
Your UShopWEship mailbox is registered in your name and for legal, privacy and security reasons, you are the only person permitted to operate it.

What do I do with unwanted mail / items that may arrive at my mailbox?
You may choose to exercise the option to remove/destroy any unwanted Material from you mailbox for a pre-determined fee of U$D 2.00

Mailing address
What mailing address should I provide to the online vendor?
The UShopWEship website includes a current and comprehensive list of addresses for UShopWEship mailbox stations covered by the service. Provide this address and your Membership Number to the vendor. Ideal Address is as follows: "UShopWEship Membership Number" City, State/County, Zip Code / Postal Code Country

Why should I include my Membership number in the mailing address?
Membership Numbers are unique numbers that help identify an UShopWEship Customer. This number is used in all operational and billing procedures and in order to provide accurate information and tracking updates this number should be included in the mailing address provided to the vendor. Failure to provide the mailbox number could jeopardize your shipment.

Do you charge for the from locations I select at sign up?
We charge every membership a one time fee of $25.00 for all the ship from destinations we currently have and will open in the future. Example If you Select Dubai, USA and UK you will only be charged $25.00. When Ushopweship.com opens other ship from destinations as a priviledge member you will NOT be charged anything extra since you are already a member.

Terms and Conditions
What are the terms and Conditions of UShopWEship?
Refer to the "Terms & Conditions" for further information.

What discounts are available to UShopWEship Customers?
  • Partner Bank discounts if you are using a partner Bank Credit Card
  • Volume Discount if you are very active shipper through UshopWeship
  • Early Payment Discount if you pay prior to shipping of your shipments
  • Promotional Discounts are advertised on our websites when applicable

Who do I contact online in case of any problems with the UShopWEship Service?
You can email us at "customersupport@ushopweship.com"

Some on-line vendors ask for a local telephone number while placing an order. What number can I provide them?
In such cases you may send a mail to "customersupport@ushopweship.com".