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Toys & Baby


We have the following sections in addition to the site content.

When entering your Credit card Details Make sure the address of the web site starts with "httpS" whereby the "S" stands for secure mode for online purchasing.
When searching for an item online, feel free to use our shopping search engine to find the best deal out there. Our extensive Live Data Base is connected to all the major online vendors out there. You get the best price for the same item you are looking for!
It is required by US customs to provide a "CUSTOMS EXPORT DECLARATION" form when buying an item worth $2500 and above so when doing so please make sure the vendor will provide it for you or we can assist you by buying it on your behalf.
Ever wondered why your order was decliend when using your credit card online? Well the reason is not you or your finances it is actually the credit card you are using that is doing it. We have solved this problem for you now you can apply for a pre-paid credit card that gives you the leverage of working evertime as long as you the funds on your card.
Use your NBK cards ( k-net-visa-master card) and get 2.00% discount on the shipping charge.
We have moved to a new more prestigious and safer location
. All shipment must be addressed to the new address. Kindly contact USWS Kuwait if you have not received the new address.
Contact NO. +965-24724672 or +965-24724673.