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Mail Boxes
What is a mailbox facility?

Ever so often we may discover a need for a particular item that is not available in the local market i.e. clothing, fashion accessories, electronics, book, magazine, toys etc. There are certain magazines or periodicals that are circulated within a specific country only. How does an individual obtain such items?

Since most online vendors sell their products directly from their warehouse the price of the items is relatively cheaper than the local store. To attract customers these online vendors offer special discounts or subsidized delivery charges if the items is to be delivered within the country. To avail of such discounts the customer should provide a local street address to which the item can be delivered. How does an individual obtain such discounts when they do not reside in that country?

UShopWEship is a comprehensive provider for online shopping solutions with dedicated service terminals in several countries. When you register with UShopWEship you are issued a unique membership number. You are allocated a corresponding mailbox facility at all UShopWEship Centers. You now have access to the list of UShopWEship centers worldwide and their street address.

When you shop online all you have to do is provide the online vendor with your street address which is the UShopWEship Centre in that specific country, and the item will be forwarded to that address. By including your Name and your UShopWEship membership number in the address, the items will be duly processed when it arrives at the UShopWEship Centre. A specimen copy of the mailing address in the U.K is as follows:

"Your Full Name as registered with UShopWEship"
"Your UShopWEship Membership Number"
Unit 2, Poyle Technical Centre
Willow Road, Clonbrook,
Berkshire, SL3 0DP
United Kingdom

On arrival of the item(s) at the UShopWEship centre, your name and membership number are verified. The dimensions of the packages, weight, online vendors reference number and a brief description of the item is entered into the computer generated log of your mailbox. A detailed Tracking label is printed and affixed on each item. The items is then stored in your allotted mailbox slot.

An email and SMS is sent to you informing you of the arrival of the item at your mailbox. To view the contents of your mailbox you can log onto the UShopWEship website and check the status. If you need to check the activity of your mailbox over a period of time, the past 6 month history is available.

The contents of your mailbox are shipped as per the shipping frequency of your choice. You are able to track your shipment through each transit point until it arrives at your doorstep. You will be notified by the UShopWEship centre in your region if duties are payable on the items enroute to you.

The mailbox is registered in your name and as a result items will only be accepted and updated to your mailbox log, if the delivery address contains your name and UShopWEship Membership Number. Corporate Mailbox facility is available which provided for a maximum of 3 users.

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